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Frederick Douglass - greatblackheroes.com

Frederick Douglass was the most well-known Black person in America as he bravely fought for the cause of the abolishment of slavery in the United States. Read more

Maya Angelou - greatblackheroes.com

One of the foremost figures of the Civil Right Movement, Maya Angelou was a true visionary writer and performer who changed the landscape of the both the literary, political, and cultural world, and whose legacy will forever resonate with people around the world. Read more

Sam Lacy - greatblackheroes.com

Sam Lacy was a pioneer in the field of sports reporting, giving a voice to the hopes, thoughts and dreams of Black athletes and fans across the United States. Read more

Wendell Smith - greatblackheroes.com

Wendell Smith was a pioneer in the field of sports, acting as the voice of Black America in fighting against segregation in Major League Baseball. Read more

Langston Hughes was one of the most celebrated and respected writers/poets of the Harlem Renaissance and was a fore bearer of great authors of the Black Experience. Read more