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A Tale of Two Black Heroes – General Benjamin O Davis, Jr And Dorie Miller – Black History Month

The new movie “Red Tails'” is a story that a lot of Blacks have been waiting to watch on the big screen. This is the story about the Tuskegee Airmen, an All-Black squadron of fighter pilots dedicated to escorting and defending U.S. bombers during World War II. The squadron members encountered bigotry at nearly every turn but they persevered and have become a legend in the military services, even if they are only famous within a small scope. Read more

The story of Doris Miller has been glamorized in motion pictures, but few know the real story of the Black cook who became a hero during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Read more

Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. and Edward Gleed - Great Black Heroes

Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. is remembered for many things: Being the first Black Air Force General, leading the Tuskegee Airmen flight squadron and standing up to the military establishment in advancing the cause of Black soldiers. More than that, he is a symbol of the ability of a Black man to persevere through obstacles on the path towards excellence. Read more