Charlie Sifford -

Charlie Sifford was a pioneer in the world of golf, helping to dismantle the “Caucasian-only clause” and opened the game of golf to generations of Black golfers. Read more

Willie O'Ree -

Willie O’Ree is honored by many as the “Jackie Robinson” of hockey, as he was the first Black player in the league’s history. But his efforts to change the culture of the game spanned many decades beyond his playing days. Read more

Jesse Owens -

More than just a celebrated athlete, Jesse Owens took his country on his shoulders and shocked the world winning four gold medal in the 1939 Berlin Olympic Games. Read more

Johnny Bright -

Johnny Bright was one of the greatest offensive players in college football and Canadian Football League history but he is most widely remembered for being a victim of one of the worst racially motivated dirty plays in collegiate sports and the impact that it made on the game. Read more

Wendell Scott -

Wendell Scott was a pioneer in the sport of auto racing as the first Black full-time driver on the NASCAR circuit. Acting as a driver and his own mechanic he gained the admiration of fans and fellow drivers through his grit and determination to be successful in a sport deeply-entrenched in the Jim Crow south. Read more

Hank Aaron -

Hank Aaron is acknowledged as one of the greatest hitters to every play in Major League Baseball and owner many of the most revered records in the game, but he is best known as the man who broke baseball’s greatest record – Babe Ruth’s 714 home runs.

Read more

Sam Lacy -

Sam Lacy was a pioneer in the field of sports reporting, giving a voice to the hopes, thoughts and dreams of Black athletes and fans across the United States. Read more

Wendell Smith -

Wendell Smith was a pioneer in the field of sports, acting as the voice of Black America in fighting against segregation in Major League Baseball. Read more

Satchel Paige is remembered with fondness as one of the greatest pitchers to ever play the game. His life was obscured by the fact that he was unable to play in the Major Leagues during his prime. Read more

Joe Louis, as much as anyone from his era, carried the hopes and dreams of the Black race on his shoulders and became the first Black hero for the whole United States. Read more