This podcast focuses on the phenomenal entertainer Josephine Baker.

Josephine Baker was born poor but also desired to become great. When she tired of racism in her path, she moved to Europe and became of the biggest stars in the world. She never forgot where she came from, however, and returned to the United States to fight for civil rights. Read more

Bessie Coleman -

This podcast focuses on the dynamic aviatrix Bessie Coleman.

Bessie Coleman was a pioneer in the field of aviation, not only as an African-American, but also as a woman. Unable to find training as a pilot in the United States, she went to France and return as the world’s first Black female pilot and soon began a career as a daredevil stunt pilot. Read more

Bass Reeves

This podcast focuses on legendary lawman Bass Reeves.

The life of Bass Reeves is so full of tales of immense bravery and heroic deeds that it seems to be more folklore than fact, but Reeves was the first Black Deputy U.S. Marshall and he had an unprecedented career tracking down criminals in the old Indian territory. Read more

This podcast focuses on World War II hero Doris Miller.

The story of Doris Miller has been glamorized in motion pictures, but few know the real story of the Black cook who became a hero during the attack on Pearl Harbor and whose life is forever etched in stone because of his actions during a  moment of crisis. Read more

This podcast focuses on the legendary Thurgood Marshall.

Thurgood Marshall is remembered by most the first Black United States Supreme Court Justice but his greatest legacy is his work as a civil rights pioneer as his victory in the Brown v. Board of Education case helped to end segregation in the United States. Read more

Jackie Robinson -

This podcast focuses on the great Jackie Robinson.

Jackie Robinson is remembered by history as a pioneer in the sport of baseball. He broke the racial color line in Major League Baseball and would be named Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player and eventually was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Read more

Madame C. J. Walker - Great Black Heroes

This podcast focuses on cosmetics entrepreneur Madam C. J. Walker.

Madam C. J. Walker was a cosmetics entrepreneur and perhaps the first female millionaire in the United States. Madam Walker overcame great hardship to become, in the words of the Harvard Business School, “one of the great American business leaders of the twentieth century.” Read more