Oprah Winfrey - greatblackheroes.com

Oprah Winfrey has lived the American Dream, overcoming hardship and adversity to become one of the largest media figures in the world. Read more

Wendell Smith - greatblackheroes.com

Wendell Smith was a pioneer in the field of sports, acting as the voice of Black America in fighting against segregation in Major League Baseball. Read more

Satchel Paige is remembered with fondness as one of the greatest pitchers to ever play the game. His life was obscured by the fact that he was unable to play in the Major Leagues during his prime. Read more

Marian Anderson - greatblackheroes.com

Marian Anderson was one of the greatest singers of the 20th Century, but it was her dignity in the face of racial prejudice which confirmed her legacy in the United States. Read more

Bessie Coleman - greatblackheroes.com

Bessie Coleman was a pioneer and innovator as a woman in the field of aviation

Bass Reeves

Bass Reeves is a legend of the west, one of the first Black lawmen in the region and one of the first Black heroes of the era. Read more

Josephine Baker is a name that is synonymous with the 1920s cultural high life. She lived in a time of immense social, political and cultural change and was at the forefront of the “jazz baby” movement in the U.S. and Europe, with her immensely colorful performances, provocative costumes and very distinctive singing voice. Read more

The story of Doris Miller has been glamorized in motion pictures, but few know the real story of the Black cook who became a hero during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Read more

Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. and Edward Gleed - Great Black Heroes

Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. is remembered for many things: Being the first Black Air Force General, leading the Tuskegee Airmen flight squadron and standing up to the military establishment in advancing the cause of Black soldiers. More than that, he is a symbol of the ability of a Black man to persevere through obstacles on the path towards excellence. Read more

Joe Louis, as much as anyone from his era, carried the hopes and dreams of the Black race on his shoulders and became the first Black hero for the whole United States. Read more